Purpose Motives

Everyone’s familiar with the age-old carrot and stick motivational model, right?  Do something well, do more of something, and you’ll be rewarded.  Do worse or less of something, and “doom on you,” punishment will smite you on the head.

Take a look at Daniel Pink’s engaging and highly entertaining (an creatively illustrated) presentation on motivation, based on his latest book Drive.  It’s well worth the ten minutes you’ll spend…..put down the spreadsheets.  Grab a cup of java and relax.  But most importantly, think about the message here, summed in this idea……

The key to the engagement is not monetary reward, but rather:

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose

Take a look….

2 thoughts on “Purpose Motives

  1. Loved it….the use of graphic illustrators at conferences and presentations is becoming more common. Sometimes is a little distracting in person, but in the speeded up form here, it’s fantastic!

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