Kathryn Schulz on Being Wrong

Months ago, I wrote about the risks posed by needing to be the “smartest one in the room.”  For leaders, there is no bigger (and no more enticing) challenge.  To admit when we’re wrong is somehow to diminish the divine anointment that positioned us in a position of authority over others.  It is to many an indictment of their abilities to lead, erroneously attributing level on the corporate hierarchy with intelligence.

In a poignant talk at TED, Kathryn Schulz speaks to the power of accepting “wrongness” as the gateway to innovation, creativity, and humanity.  It’s a message everyone should embrace, but particularly those of us in leadership roles in our lives.  Whether corporate managers, non-profit board members, or even parents, the strength of our leadership abilities rests in part on our acceptance of our own fallibility and the encouragement we give others to be wrong.

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