Self-Development Part 2: Books on Leadership

As I began with my recent post, here I focus on those books focusing directly on leadership.  Please note that these are my open personal opinions on the books that have meant the most to me on this topic in the past year or so.  Some of the books are oldies-but-goodies, and others may be wholly unfamiliar to you.  In particular, this is a great place to start to begin or continue your self-development as a leader (whether or not you are currently in a formal leadership role).  Your future success (and that of any organization with which you work) may depend on it!

By Patrick Lencioni

By Kevin Eikenberry & Guy Harris

By Dave Ulrich

By Michael Abrashoff

By Robin Sharma

By Chip Heath & Dan Heath

By Rom Brafman & Ori Brafman

By Chip Heath & Dan Heath

By Joseph Jaworski & Peter Senge

By Edward Kennedy

By James Kouzes & Barry Posner

As before, please add to this list, if you have additional selections that should be included here, leave a comment!

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