Self-Development Part 3: Books on Leadership Psychology

Life-long learning for leadersAhhh…one of my favorite topics!  Although this list is shorter than the General Business or Leadership posts, the value found within the pages of these works is definitely worth noting.  These resources provide great insight into motivations (of self and others) and how to get more out of life and work.

Understanding motivation is clearly critical in an era of increasingly rare “carrots.”  Of course, practitioners have long known that extrinsic motivators rarely produce long-term sustained performance.  The sooner leaders begin looking beyond transactional levers to build engagement, productivity, and positive working environments, the more benefit can be realized.

Take a look at these resources and let the ideas begin flowing!!

By Steve Chandler & Scott Richardson

By Barbara Ehrenreich

By Daniel Pink

By Ned Hallowell

By Matthew Kelly & Patrick Lencioni

By Adrian Gostick & Scott Christopher

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