Army-Navy: A Game of Honor

A Game of HonorPicture this.  On one side of the battlefield, a grey wool blankets the landscape.  Opposite them, a wave of blue and gold pulses like the tides.  Field generals rally the landlubbers, and decorated admirals grip the salty helm.  Foes facing off once again, in a seemingly never-ending struggle for supremacy and bragging rights.

In one of the best exhibitions of competitive honor, the 112th Army-Navy game was played today in Landover, Maryland.  The game was as close and hard-fought as any in recent years.  And throughout the broadcast, we were constantly reminded of the tradition, the excellence, and the sacrifice of these brave leaders, both on the field and in the stands.  It’s a lesson and a demonstration both appreciated and desperately needed in collegiate athletics and corporate boardrooms.

In the end, the Midshipmen maintained their recent gridiron dominance over the Cadets of Army.  But never was lost the supreme message – that in this game is a celebration of patriotism, honor, courage, and sacrifice.  And beyond the pomp and tradition of this intense rivalry, the warriors on both sides of the field understand this is merely a game. The real business is of shared sacrifice and inter-service reliance.  Their lives may depend on it.

Take a moment to watch the following video about this special tradition.

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