2012 Goals: Publicize for Accountability

As mentioned in previous articles, one of the keys to accomplishing goals is to publicize them, thus holding yourself accountable to more than just you. When others are aware of your goals, they not only increase the likelihood that you’ll follow through. Your goals become part of your “inner circle’s” collective goals. Others will encourage you. They will question you. They will push you when you need pushing. And oftentimes, they will step in when you need a much needed extra hand.

In that spirit, here are some of my personal and professional goals for 2012. Please help hold me accountable and help me to achieve them!

2012 Professional Goals:

  • Launch a comprehensive veterans’ service center in Madison
  • Double my affiliated partnerships with other consulting organizations
  • Focus on being a responsive and engaging teacher
  • Enhance my instructional design and online teaching competencies
  • Complete my dissertation and earn my doctorate

2012 Personal Goals:

  • Spend more quality time with my daughters
  • Focus more energy on strengthening friendships and relationships with others
  • Find and volunteer no less than one day each month to a non-profit organization
  • Complete no less than four half marathons
  • Set personal best time in the Kortelopet cross-country ski race

If you have goals of your own, please include them in the comments section here, or contribute to the wiki I’ve created (https://tnagleedgewood.wikispaces.com/2012+Goals) . Let’s build a community of support, encouragement, and joint accountability.

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