Staying Great: Challenging the ‘Status Quo’

How’s the development budget at your company? Feeling the pinch as you try to develop your employees, particularly your emerging and mid-level leaders? If yours is like most organizations, the search continues for increasingly effective and efficient development options.

The goal – better, cheaper, and more dynamic. You need customized solutions but without the customized price tag. Even moreso, more than ever, you need assurances that the route you take in developing your leaders will result in…..wait for it…..yes, stronger leadership.

The challenge – understanding the numerous options available and targeting those leadership development programs that will give your organization the biggest bang for the buck.

There are a few key issues to pursuing this common goal, but there are some programs, like ODC’s Staying Great program, that have succeeded in helping organizations address the following:

1) Know what strong leadership means to your organization – Face it, every organization has different needs of its leaders. Take the time to really determine what leadership competencies your company will need 3-5 years in the future, as well as taking stock of where those competencies are currently.

2) Assess leadership strength – Unless you have trained metrics gurus in-house, Utilize an objective third party to help you do this, particularly with the selection and implementation of appropriate measurement instruments for your organization.

3) Select options that will mutually benefit your organization AND your leaders – Nothing saps the effectiveness of leadership development programs faster than attempting to force leaders into a regimen that provides them with little individual benefit and that doesn’t align to their own development and career goals. A 360-degree assessment coaching session is one way to effectively get leaders to define and determine their own desired development path. And if the 360 is aligned with organizational competencies, it’s a win-win all around. Additionally, programs like Staying Great provide the option of leaders gaining college credits while at the same time engaging with other leaders in a customized and measureable development opportunity.

4) Measure effectiveness of the leadership development – All quality development programs should have pre- and post-development measurement built in. But even better are programs that provide on-going assessment and reporting throughout. With Staying Great, which is a 9-week, two-hour a week, synchronous online development program, trained organizational psychology instructors provide on-going feedback to participants and parent organizations. Doing so allows for continuous customization to ensure the program contents (customized to nearly any leadership competency an organization needs) are effectively maximizing client organization needs.

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