Vulnerability and Shame: A TED Talk

If you ever find yourself with a free 20 minutes of time, one of the best choices you can make would be to peruse the numerous fantastic TED talks.  Some are brilliant.  Some fascinating.  All enlightening.

Some of you may recall Brene’ Brown’s original TED talk several years ago.  Well, Brene’ is back, with her wonderful humor, humility, and powerful message.  Focused on the topic of vulnerability and shame, this is the best TED talk I’ve seen in quite some time.  Some of the key ideas that Brene’ conveys include:

  • Vulnerability is not weakness
  • Vulnerability fuels our daily lives
  • Vulnerability is the most accurate measure of courage
  • Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and change
  • Empathy is the antidote to shame
  • If you wait to engage (in anything worthwhile) until you’re perfect, it will never happen

Take 20 minutes and watch her talk yourself.  It’s well worth it….Enjoy!

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