The Only Easy Day was Yesterday…..

The only easy day was yesterday....For those with a Navy heritage, you’ve surely heard this statement.  It’s the SEALS motto.  And as mottos go, it’s about the best I’ve encountered.  For the SEALS, it perfectly sums up their “failure is not an option” attitude, a go-getter approach to their work, and yes, their lifestyle.

Never rest on your laurels.  Stop looking for the quick and easy solution, or the easy way out of a situation.  Accept the situation for what it is, even if seemingly impossible, and simply face it head-on.

The beauty of this motto is its easy applicability to nearly any environment or situation, though.  You need not be a Spec Ops warrior to adopt this as your personal credo.  But if you do, don’t allow it to be merely a platitude.  No, you need to embrace it and own it.

For a leader, what does this mean?  It means stepping up and truly being a leader.  Remove the barriers that block the success of your followers.  Take the heat, instead of letting the proverbial crap from rolling downhill.  Set the direction and inspire those who will make you look good through their good work.

As a follower, what does this mean?  Take the opportunities afforded you and make the most of them.  Don’t wait for others to “develop” you and open doors.  Take that responsibility as your own and simply make it happen.  Accept the sacrifices sometimes necessary to succeed.  And do everything in your power to support the individual leading you… accepting responsibility and by providing upward feedback to them.

As an individual, what does this mean?  It means looking around at those around you (your family, friends, and neighbors).  Come together as a community.  Search for solutions that respect individual beliefs and diverse perspectives.  Don’t accept the status quo as the “way it’s always been” or the “way it’s got to be.”  Grow yourself…..and in that growth, watch your neighborhoods, communities, and society also grow.

As we watch our political parties gathering for what will undoubtedly be a raucous and, ultimately, divisive few months in our country’s history, it’s time for each of us to grab the bull by the horns and insist on complete and utter patriotic citizenship.  That means involvement in the process.  Learn more about the issues than the soundbites shared by the candidates and  the mass media.  Drop the ideological extremism that will sink this country, regardless from which end of the political spectrum they emanate.

Remember, the only easy day was yesterday…’s never been so true….personally, politically, and societally.  And that’s okay.  America is up for the challenge of our tough times…..but accepting the challenge means more than easy living.  The road is going to be tough, and in the end, only if we come together in the middle can we prove that we truly are up for the challenge.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “”Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… “

I think it’s time to get to work…….cause it’s worth doing.

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