Talk Nerdy to Me: A TED Talk Worth Repeating

Whatever our profession, we sometimes forget the importance of being able to speak outside our discipline.  As a consultant, if I can’t adjust my speech and the level of my message to suit clients, I often won’t have them as clients for long.  If as a professor, I can’t understand the perspectives of my students and, as a result, resort to only the highest scholarly language of the most seasoned veterans in I/O psychology, my undergrads and Master’s students will likely not grasp the meaning of my teaching.

Professor Melissa Marshall does an excellent job portraying this very sentiment in this TED Talk clip.  It’s very short, but is a fantastic reminder to all of us to clearly communicate to our audiences in a way that avoids jargon, promotes relevance of our message, and engenders our own individual passions for our areas of expertise.


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