Poor Communication At Work

A real problem in many organizations, if communication isn’t a priority in your workplace (either building it stronger or maintaining the effectiveness of it), what is? So, take a moment to read this blog post and think about its critical message.

Practical Practice Management

Facts on the blackboard Bill and Mary work in the same department.  Bill has a position that gives him access to upper-management and information regarding company issues that Mary does not have.

Mary has noticed that there have been times when working with Bill that he gave her information regarding company policies, future business ventures, and department issues that didn’t match up once the information was known throughout the corporation.

With the job tasks that Mary has, she needs to be able to rely on Bill to give her factual information, but is finding that it may be impossible.  She is afraid that at some point it may affect her job if she trusts what he says.

Factual communication is necessary in every aspect of business, whether it is within the corporate walls or between company employees and their customers. Lack of factual communication may result in wasted time, lack of cooperation, distrust, and…

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4 thoughts on “Poor Communication At Work

  1. Hi Trevor, thank you for reposting my article. Such an important topic and often managers think that by keeping information from their team it gives them an edge. When in reality it hinders the team as a whole to solidify and work together to move things forward. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.


    1. You’re welcome, Tina. There are many topics and issues that our two blogs have in common, and one of my goals & strategies for 2013 is to begin to more actively drive traffic to high quality blogs such as yours. So, keep the great articles coming! 🙂

  2. My office has a troupe (a troupe I tell you!) of pot-stirrers who convey much information, with much seriousness, and dubious veracity. It is an interesting phenomenon, or, well, sideshow. I don’t want to be a member of that troupe! I think that coloring the information you deliver to someone can be an attempt to curry favor, perhaps even an unintentional attempt.

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