Week 1: What Did You Accomplish?

GoalsOkay, folks….we’re now into the second official week of 2013.  Okay, so the first consisted of (for most of us) three official days of work and a weekend.  No matter, it’s still one week down, according to…..well, me.

The key to making and ultimately achieving goals it to break them down into manageable pieces.  After all, what’s the point of say, my goal is to do 100 individual assessments this year, writing 100 blog entries, expanding my readership by 15,000, or reading 24 books this year?  In reality, if I’m not constantly monitoring my progress, chances are, I won’t achieve any of those goals!  So, what did you do this first week of the new year, and how does it relate to your goal?  Here’s what I’m talking about……

Professional Goal #1: 100 individual assessments given in 2013.

Progress Report: 5 completed = Projected 260 assessments (This will even out throughout the year, but good start!)

Professional Goal #2: 100 original blog entries written/posted

Progress Report:  2 originals posted = Projected 104 posts (So far, so good!)

Professional Goal #3: Annual readership of 25,000 views

Progress Report: 300 views in 6 days = annual 18,250 (Work remains to be done here!)

Professional Goal #4: Read 24 books in 2013

Progress Report: Finished 2 books this week (Started in 2012, though) = Projected 104 annual books (No way I continue this trend!)

Personal Goal #1: Exercise 3-4 days a week

Progress Report: 2 runs and 2 hockey games (in three days) = On target with goal


So, what about your goals?  Was your first week of 2013 a good week of progress toward those goals?  Feel free to share your goals and your progress!

2 thoughts on “Week 1: What Did You Accomplish?

    1. Chris, you’re absolutely right. 100 posts is ambitious, but if I don’t set stretch goals for myself and subsequently monitor my progress toward them, it becomes too easy to simply fall short and accept that result without pushing myself (possibly outside my comfort zone) to make it. In actuality, though, when you break that 100 post goal down into smaller chunks, it comes out to a post every 3.6 days, or two per week. For me (not necessarily the same as others, I admit), that’s quite “do-able.” In fact, I managed without a specific goal, 106 posts last year without even paying attention to it. Good luck to you on your blog development….let me know if I can help in any way!

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