As a Leader, What Kind of Dog Would You Be?


We’ve all heard it….Those with whom you choose to interact (to a certain degree) define you as a person.  What about those who inhabit such an intimate area of our lives, our pets?  What lessons can we learn from our preferences toward particular pet types or breeds?

What kind of dog leader are you?  A Golden Retriever?  Shiba Inu?  Pit Bulll?  Pug?

Sure, it’s a kind of silly exercise, but think about it for a second.  Each dog breed has in it a particular stereotype and personality.  If you’ve ever gone through the research of dog breeds in anticipation of bringing how that wriggling, wet-nosed 8-week old puppy, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s often less about matching a particular vision of the perfect dog as it is about self-assessing your own preferences and personality type.  Are you outgoing?  Are you physically active?  Or do you prefer cuddling on the couch with a good book?  Are you a more social worker than a solitary employee who works best when left to your thoughts and ideas?

Whatever kind of person or professional you are, there are pros and cons to your type.

So, just for fun….what kind of dog would you be as a leader?

Golden Retriever

Intelligent. Eager to please.  Active and energetic. Obedient.  Patient with others, yet excitable.

German Shepherd

Fearless. Able to influence (herd) others. Service-oriented. Protector. Task-oriented.


Happy-go-lucky.  Family-friendly. Popular. Even-tempered and gentle. Single-minded and determined.


Confident. Strong sense of self-importance. Fiercely loyal. “Clannish.”


Kind. Courageous. “Dignified.” Strong-willed. Typically docile and quiet, yet excitable.


Courageous. Tenacious. Rugged and powerful. Active and fearless.

Or perhaps you are more of a cat person…..there are studies, after all, that suggest that cat people are perhaps more intelligent and dog people are more social.

Me?  I’m closest to a Retriever/Terrier mixed, I’d like to think.  Others may disagree, preferring instead to classify me as a plain old mutt.  Who knows…..Definitely not a cat, though….(interpret to mean whatever you’d like.)

One thought on “As a Leader, What Kind of Dog Would You Be?

  1. I’d say I am a German Shepherd but I wish there is the word loyalty associated with being one…then kindness…then perhaps I may consider myself a German Shepherd and a Pug.

    Have you read the book, “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: A Novel (P.S.) by David Wroblewski?

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