Reflection and self-awareness are the cornerstone to any leader’s sustained effectiveness. This blog article hits the “nail on the head!”

The Journal Writer's Handbook

Beware all you journal writing enthusiasts. You might just get such clarity and independence of thought through your reflective writing practice that people begin to turn to you for your advice and wisdom. They might even begin to nominate you as a leader in their cause.

This is because once you develop a journaling practice of your own you will be engaging in such powerful conversations with yourself that you will discover great truths and inner resources you never knew you had. Plus you’ll be able to articulate your thoughts and feelings about issues that are important to you because you will have practised doing so in your journal.

An important asset of a respected leader is integrity. In whatever context, be it work, community or personal, we want to be able to gain the trust of those around us. By taking up our journals and documenting our points of…

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