As someone who similarly has recently surpassed the 200 post threshold, I couldn’t agree more with Patrick’s thoughts on blogging. The activity has become a short part of my everyday life, one from which I’ve gained much insight personally, and made wonderful contacts with others (bloggers and followers alike). Blogging has possibly been one of the most influential habits I’ve developed in professional life….and I have no intent to stop anytime soon!

Indispensable Marketing

I took the initiative (because it’s never given) to start blogging on the platform eight months ago. Since that time, I have written 239 posts, without missing a post. At an average of 300-500 words per post, that is roughly 119,500 total words—the equivalent of about sixteen short stories.

During this journey, I have noticed a couple of things about blogging and want to share them with you:

  • Blogging everyday (the act of shipping) wasn’t an easy task, until it became a habit
  • Someday’s I have a hard time figuring out what can I say to “you” (my readers) that care enough to listen to me,  something that you want to hear and you look forward to hearing
  • The blog posts that I think are winners and will get great engagement, don’t, and the posts I think are not so great, get great engagement and are winners.

But even after all…

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