“Inattentional Blindness.” It’s potentially an issue for all of us in our professional roles and in our relationships in our personal life. What kinds of things can we do to train ourselves out of this tendency?

Manage By Walking Around

Remember the invisible gorilla video?

In an experiment popularized by the book of the same name, volunteers were told to keep track of how many times a basketball was passed between players. While the ball was being tossed, someone in a gorilla suit walked between them in plain view. Very few people noticed the gorilla because they were so focused on counting the passes.

The invisible gorilla study is the most famous example of a phenomenom called “inattentional blindness.” When we pay close attention to one thing, we often fail to notice other things – even if they are obvious. The authors of the book modified the original video to reinforce the point.  Watch the updated video to see if you notice anything unusual:

If you’re like most people – including me – you didn’t notice the person leaving the game or the background curtains change color.  You…

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  1. The kinds of things that we can do to train ourselves out of this tendency is to detach; to assume different roles opposite our current roles; to deliberately create space in our state of mindfulness in order that we can have a different perspective on things; to just “be”….

    1. In addition, conflicts (which I likened to the crisscrossing of paths) are actually opportunities to stand back, to pause, and quickly reflect by asking yourself the question, “what is going on?” Yes, there is always so much going on. Usually, it is always in those busy times when the “pause” or “stop” are golden.

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