This has been an intense week.  I’m not about to lie about that, prop myself up on aphorism of positivity and laid-back nonchalance.  Nope, the week has been one of the toughest and most demanding in a long time.

Both classes I’m teaching are heating up in intensity, probably for the students, and definitely for the professor!  Lots of reading done, and much to still do before Monday.  On the consulting front, at ODC, we’re currently in that delivery mode, the writing push before completion of a comprehensive leadership audit that’s been several months in the making.  And on the parenting front….well, that’s another story for a different blog.  But it’s been that kind of week.

I’m not complaining, though.  As I stated earlier this week, I love what I do.  But it’s been simply a little too much “love” this week.  But I need to recharge.  Soon.

So, what’s on the “recharging” docket?  Sleep? Reading? A movie?  Nope, those will have to wait.  Tonight it’s hockey, and not the kind where you snuggle into the sofa and flip on ESPN for the Game of the Week.  Nope, not even the kind where you buy a ticket and join 15,000 of your nearest and dearest friends in cheering wildly for the local professional or college team.  Nope, this time, I’m suited up and playing….in goal….with frozen pieces of rubber being slapped toward my head and all-to-soon bruised body.  Now THAT’s recharging!

Later….perhaps a good book and peppermint tea….

3 thoughts on “Need….To….Recharge!

  1. A good friend always says, “The world whispers at you, whispers at you and you need to listen. If you don’t listen, it SMACKS you up side the head.” A good recharge is a good way to listen as the whispers are less painful than the ‘smacks.’ So, good for you, however that recharge needs to come. 🙂

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