Here’s a fantastic post by Tina Del Buono (follow her blog, if you don’t already…it’s wonderfully insightful!). Facing adversity is something we all have to do, and often. Here’s a great way to look at adversity and one’s reaction to it. Happy Monday, everyone!

Practical Practice Management

377481_smiling_potatoes Enjoy your Monday and may it be a day of peace for you all.

We all have faced adversity at one time or another and will most likely face it again and again.  The actual definition of adversity is; a state of hardship, misfortune or affliction, an unfortunate event or incident. When we are going through tough times it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it takes a certain attitude to be able fight a good fight during a time of uncertainty.

Being a breast cancer survivor I can totally relate to dealing with uncertainty and the struggle to make the right choices each day, to make the best out of life and all that comes with it.  Below is a great story about those choices that we can make during the tough times we face, I hope you enjoy reading it…

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