Positive Impact Starts With Measurement

Measure POS SuccessMeasurement. It’s the key to improvement. After all, how does the old saying go?

“What gets measured gets done.”

So, what are you measuring, and more important, how are you measuring it?

In my consulting, I’m fortunate to have access to some of the premier measurement gurus anywhere (I truly believe that statement). From ODC to Beacon Associates to Scott Savage Consulting, I’ve aligned myself at various times with all sorts of interesting, inspiring, and exhilarating projects. From helping police departments ensure their soon-to-be officers are mentally competent to helping an oil company build a model of successful front-line supervisors to training engineers on personality type and emotional intelligence, I’ve worked with some of the brightest minds in organizational development (OD).

But I’m not simply an OD mercenary, available to the highest bidder. Nope, there have been plenty of other opportunities to partner with individuals and firms that I’ve turned down. And do you know why? They didn’t believe in the power of measurement.

Measurement is key.

Let’s face it. Anyone can throw up a shingle and call themselves a consultant. Most can piece together a survey instrument, complete with flashy marketing brochure and catchy elevator speech. But only a few can truly deliver with impact, tying results to actions.

We’re talking tying results through valid, reliable, and proven measurement instruments. That’s the rub for many “consultants.” Many simply don’t have the theoretical background on which to build or utilize the types of tools and instruments to maximize positive impact. But those that do….well, those are the ones with which I have partnered.

You see, if all we’re aiming to do as consultants is to make a buck and leverage the flexibility of working for ourselves, we’re no better than the old snake oil salesmen of the Wild West, rolling into town with our potions and elixirs, and quickly getting out of Dodge before the locals see through the smoke and mirrors.

Impact is key. And impact only comes from valid and reliable measurement. That’s where the rubber hits the road, per se.

Measurement = Impact
Remember….Measurement = Impact

So, the next time you’re reaching out to external consultants to address a critical problem facing your organization, take the time to inquire as to their approach to measurement. Dig deeper than simply face validity. In a work world of increasingly tight budgets and intensifying complexity of problems, impact is what you’re seeking. And impact begins and ends with measurement.

Isn’t it time you figured out the key to positive impact?

2 thoughts on “Positive Impact Starts With Measurement

  1. Trevor, When I was an internal consultant (instructional design and performance technology), I found that even the Fortune 500 companies I worked for did not want to take the time to measure results. At least I was able to determine the real needs up front and design to those.

    Measurement seems essential to me.

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