Dance with the Daring…

Dance with the daring...
Dance with the daring…

“Inspiration doesn’t favor those who sit still. It favors those who dance with the daring.”

Toyota recently released a new advertisement that’s quite powerful.  It tugs at the viewers emotions, cycling through various key life experiences and focused around the progress of life.  It’s one of the better car commercials I’ve seen in awhile.

And honestly, I love the idea expressed in their tagline.

Think about it for a second.  Slightly altered, but the idea here is essentially that “a rolling stone collects no moss”…”the early bird gets the worm.”

A “fast follower” approach to business, an apprehension to get out in front of the pack and a preference for grasping only those ideas, products, or services that have proven themselves in the marketplace, is the sign of a company not long for this world.  Organizations need to be innovators to survive in today’s global economy.

So, Toyota’s campaign would appear to be right on the mark, albeit delivered in a particularly catchy and evocative way.  But there’s more here to the story….

In actuality, while the root message is a great one, let’s not forget the value of stopping, brainstorming, and considering.  Without this process, with a steadfast drive for bigger, better, more efficient, and more profitable always driving motion, we’ll quickly find ourselves down a rabbit hole we either didn’t intend to explore or that is a poor fit for who we are or what we do (or produce).

Building time to regularly take that step back, assess the direction in which we’re heading, and to recalibrate where necessary is CRITICAL for progress, inspiration, and innovation.

And we’re not just talking for organizations…..each and every one of us need this, too.

So, every once in awhile….Pause….Take a Breath…and only then…..”Dance with the Daring.”

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