These “My Everyday Power Blog” tips are impactful and deserve reposting! How many of these do you actively already incorporate into your life? What impact could you have if you added even two or three of the tips into your everyday living in the next month? Try it and let us know what you discovered!

Everyday Power Blog


1. Wake up at 5:00 AM everyday.

2. Print out a 6 month calendar and put it on your wall. Keep track of family and friend events, pay dates, charitable donation due dates, your workout plan, etc.

3. Only watch TV on the weekends.

4. Never watch TV while you eat.

5. Eat more Kale, Spinach and blueberries.

6. Have the salad as the entree and not the appetizer.

7. Work out before you go to work. (Run, jog, stretch, yoga, etc.)

8. Eat out much less and cook more.

9. Take a cooking class.

10. Take an art class.

11. Be the most respectful and courteous person you know.

12. Be the most inspiriting and positive person you know.

13. Learn to listen, instead of just waiting to respond.

14. Put yourself first.

15. Increase your value by being able to increase other peoples value.

16. Demonstrate yours…

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