How a leader should end the day

A good reminder for all of us. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyday ended with us being stress-free and joyous about have accomplished everything we had planned that day? Unfortunately, we all know that’s not always the case. These are four stress management suggestions to consider. What other methods do you instill in your own daily “wrap-up,” whether you’re a leader or an individual contributor?

How Leaders Manage


The clock has struck five o’clock. The whistle has blown. It’s time for work to be over. Finally, you can drop everything and attempt to put today’s troubles away until tomorrow. You can finally loosen your tie, be finished with work, and leave all your problems behind for a few hours.

It’s very tempting to start clock watching forty five minutes before you are scheduled to leave. When time strikes 5pm people rush to their car, fighting the traffic of other people doing the same thing trying to get home. You are angry at every other driver on the road because they are “an idiot”. When you get home, a whole array of problems are waiting behind your front door that you know need to be dealt with.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself if things have to be this way? Why do you have to be stressed? Well…

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