Are We Teaching Leaders The Right Things?

As much as there is a focus in modern media around the differences between leadership and management, it’s always good to revisit first what we understand to be this critical difference, and second, our approaches to developing the individuals (including ourselves) who find themselves in leadership roles. Sheila Madden’s post is a great reminder of this, and while all leaders don’t need to be developed in the same ways or along the same skills/traits/topics, I’d encourage you to read through the article. Thanks for posting this, Sheila!

Sheila Madden: Executive Coach & Consultant

leadership signpostHow do you lead?

Do you lead with an open heart or closed heart? With only the end in mind or in every moment along the way? With the intention to enhance others or just yourself? With your ego or your soul? With seriousness or with humor? With bravado or humility? With greed or with magnanimity?   Mindful or mindless?  Fearful or fearless?

The Difference Between Management and Leadership

There is often confusion about the difference between management and leadership. My simple distinction is that management is what we do and leadership is how we do it.  We manage budgets, hiring processes, product releases, mergers and acquisitions and financial returns.  How we do those things defines who we are as leaders and is what has the largest impact on results.  How we lead comes directly from inside us, from our character and our values.

Are We Teaching Leaders The Right Things?

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