Two Choices Every Team Must Make

Michele does a remarkable job here addressing the issue of team dynamics and dysfunction. Conflict is a part of every relationship and every team. But how we deal with it can either make or break us (individual AND as a team).

Michele Pepe

The choice is simple: Have a fifty conversations with other people about what is wrong on your team, or have two conversations with the actual team about what is wrong.

Which one do you choose?

Teams do this all the time. The team members have multiple conversations with people outside of their team about what is wrong, who is wrong, and what the other person(s) needs to do.

What teams rarely do is have constructive conversations with each other about what is wrong and they are willing to do about it.

This fall, I was working with a team that was having major interpersonal issues. Two people didn’t work well together. One person felt caught in the middle. Another tried to gloss over all the problems and pretend that they didn’t exist. The leader didn’t have a clue about what was going on. Meetings were tense, even hostile at times…

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