About Trevor

img_3882~ International organizational leadership author and speaker, with readership in over 90 countries

~ Director of the Master of Science in Organization Development program at Edgewood College

~ College professor in Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development, and Leadership, with experience in both traditional classroom andragogical and online, interactive teaching methodologies

~ Assessment Consultant – Individual, team, and organizational, including psychological evaluations, 360-degree multi-rater, organizational culture, and cognitive learning assessments

~ Researcher on military veterans’ issues and leadership, such as workforce reintegration, placement and transition issues for retired veterans

A skeptical positivist. A corporate optimist. And a leadership realist.  I’ve spent more than two decades strengthening organizational cultures with data-driven exploration, diagnosis, and prescriptive solutions.  It’s what I do, and its pursuit feeds my passion for continuous individual and organizational growth. After all, organizations are the lifeblood of society.  So, why accept inadequate leadership, followership, and culture, when the alternative promotes healthy individuals, companies, and economies at all levels?

I’ve led teams of 5-300 dedicated professionals, and I’ve made enough leadership mistakes to fill a book.  But it’s from a humble perspective on leadership and its challenges that I approach my work with organizations.  And I love what I do.

The father of two college-aged daughters, an avid reader, a skydiver and ice hockey goalie, and a veteran of both the U.S. Army and Navy, I aim to always maintain a work-passion balance in everything I do.  An HR Officer with the Navy Reserve, I currently reside north of San Francisco in Sonoma County, California, with my partner, JoDee, two pugs and a golden retriever.  A true adventurer, I live my life by the following sentiment:

“I refuse to tiptoe through life….only to arrive at death.” ~ Unknown

9 thoughts on “About Trevor

    1. I’ve been fortunate to have some fantastic mentors to inspire and keep me focused throughout the years. Your early guidance in Misawa certainly helped pave a sucessful path for me, Dr. Maclin! Thanks for that, and thanks for the comment!

  1. I enjoyed your article of January 18th, 2011! I am currently writing a short self-study course on transitioning to management and I was hoping for permission to use your photograph of the hand & leadership flowchart in my paper. I would, of course, provide the appropriate annotations and citing for your image….

    Many thanks for your consideration,

  2. Love your attitude Trevor. Good to see the passion and energy you bring to our work. Life is truly grand outside the corporate environment mentioned in your recent blogs. I know – thanks to “attrition”, I am enjoying it now too :-). Hope we an catch up some time.

  3. Followed the bread crumb trail from Meetup to your posts. I think you’ve inspired me to write my own blog. Thanks for putting yourself out there sliding vegan and all! Cheers!

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